Worried about your heart health? Millions of people are at risk of developing heart disease or suffering a cardiac event. In many instances patients don’t know they are at risk, and an underlying problem may be ignored. Regular health checks don’t always look for the signs and symptoms associated with heart disease.

However, the good news is, when problems are identified early, there are steps that can be taken to improve your heart health and to reduce the risk of a cardiac event occurring.

At Quigley’s Pharmacy we are now performing cardiovascular risk screening clinics, which can identify potential problems or risks and offer lifestyle advice on how to avoid these potential problems. Our next screening day is Friday 6th October, with a special offer of €20 (normal €25)

The assessment take approximately 30 minutes and includes:

Blood Pressue

Cholesterol – full lipid profile given, including HDL, LDL and TriGlycerides

Blood Glucose

BMI Calculation

Waist measurement

Consultation and lifestyle advice


Next Date: Friday 6th October

Price: €20 (special offer!)